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ChuloChonies.com™ was started by serial Entrepreneur Ronn Ruiz, with a vision to design high quality lifestyle & active wear clothing for Men and Women.  The translated meaning for the Spanish slang term Chulo Chonies™ is commonly known as “Cute Underwear”.   It is Ronn’s vision to take this name, and design clothing and underwear around the idea that Everyone wants to feel cute™.  Whether in their intimate underwear, or bold active wear, Chulo Chonies™ represents self-expression, modern design, classic patterns & sensible fashion statements without compromising quality & value.

At company launch, ChuloChonies.com™ will highlight the masculine version for Chulo and feminine version for Chula, as in Chulo Chonies, and Chula Chonies respectively.  It is the company’s goal to further promote the brand by establishing that Men can feel Chulo, and Women can feel Chula.

Chulo Chonies™ is Ronn Ruiz’s 2nd start-up company in just under 2 years.  He’s a respected 20-year veteran of the multifamily real estate industry and concurrently serves as CEO & Co-founder of a digital marketing agency.

Ronn Ruiz, along with his designers and manufacturers Thank you for supporting our site and purchasing our products.  It is your voice that fuels our passion and affords us the opportunity to be sure Everyone wants to feel cute

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